Why should you service your computer? (by Cian Bowens)

Why should you service your computer? (by Cian Bowens)

Why should you service your computer?

1. To prevent viruses and malware.

Keeping your Anti-Virus up to date is essential to keeping viruses and

malware at bay. Having your computer serviced can help greatly reduce

the chances of obtaining a virus. Remember antivirus is not foolproof,

always exercise caution and if in doubt contact your IT service provider.
2. Detecting issues early.

By using regular IT servicing you can catch problems early on and make

arrangements so that your computer isn’t impacted. Servicing regularly can

help detect issues before they become serious and can usually help your

computer perform better.

3. Removing Dust/Dirt from your PC.

If dust builds up inside your computer it can cause it to break down or stop

working completely. Regular service can help prevent dust building up and

keeping the fans clear, in turn, keeping your computer running smoothly.

4. Maximize Software Efficiency

Computers age and over time they start to slow down; software that

performed quickly and efficiently to begin with, can become slow and have

a negative impact on productivity. Having your computer looked at can

keep your software up to date and allow it to run efficiently.



Edited by Cian Bowens

What’s New?

Last week we’ve introduced ‘Self Service Station’.
This is our response to high demand for use of computer with internet access. Since we are unable to share computers that we use all the time, we have prepared separate computer for customers. On this computer you will have fast internet access for browsing or email. You can quickly edit you documents from CV’s to spreadsheets and presentations. It is mounted in a stand as you can see on the picture, can be used in relative privacy since bystanders can’t see the screen. Access to the printer is granted from this station trough our print server – simply press PRINT.
Since nowadays there’s no internet cafe in Midleton area we’ve met with positive feedback from the public. It might be good to know it’s there if you need quick access to computer on days like Monday when Public Library is closed or if their public access is out of service or being maintained.
This station is coin-operated, accepts €0.50, €1 & €2 coins. If you need just to print something, we don’t charge extra for printing from USB Sticks or email from our computers.
We hope you will find this service handy.